PATROL World Premiere at Mountainfilm, Telluride

Viernes, mayo 26, 2023 a las 05:45 PM

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Sheridan Opera House
110 N Oak St
Telluride, CO 81435
Estados Unidos
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The Indio-Maíz Biological Reserve on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua is sacred ground to the Rama and Afro-descendant Kriol people who have called it home for generations. As the global demand for beef rises, this rich, biodiverse environment is under serious threat from illegal cattle ranchers who steal acreage and raze large swaths of rainforest to graze their herds. At the present rate of decimation, the reserve could be wiped out in less than five years. In an attempt to protect their ancestral lands and preserve one of the last remaining rainforests in Central America, Indigenous rangers join forces with an American conservationist and undercover journalists to expose the dark world of conflict beef.

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